I am a veteran technology and design consultant with over 30 years of experience. As a founding partner, I also own a digital marketing agency (Delegal Digital) with my wife. Our mission there involves working exclusively with churches and nonprofit organizations to help them grow through digital marketing strategy and best-in-breed web design.. 

I have worked as a technology consultant with some of the world’s leading brands including Disney, Comcast, AOL, VMware, Polycom, IBM, Mapquest, and many others. I am passionate when it comes to web design and Google search and will apply that passion to your project. 

Faith and family are the most important things to me. Being a business owner and freelance web designer gives me the opportunity to help my clients grow and still have flexibility in my schedule to spend time with family.

Skip Graham

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Savannah Web Design & SEO Solutions

Savannah is a growing city and with millions of visitors to our city every year it’s more important now than exer to have a winning presence on line. What’s a winning presence you ask? It’s not as complicated as you think, but it does take web design and search engine optimization expertise, and institutional knowledge of Savannah doesn’t hurt either.

As a Savannah native, I have worked as a consultant for some of the world’s top consumer and technology brands over the past 30 years. After moving back to Savannah in 2017 I decided to take the experience I gained and aim it at my own community. I love helping businesses, especially small businesses, compete online with bigger competitors. The competition is fierce, but great web design and well-executed SEO are great equalizers. 

I can not only help your business get the attention it deserves online, but as a trusted partner I will help your business grow by helping you gain customers who have no idea who you are. That’s my promise.

Let’s work together to make your Savannah web design stand out among the scores of others. When someone goes looking for the products or services you offer, let’s make sure you tell them exactly who you are.