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As an independent web designer and SEO expert in Savannah GA, I help clients increase their visibility online and look great while doing it. I work with businesses and organizations in Savannah and all over the US on projects including web design, development, SEO, local search, and online digital marketing.

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Solutions & Services

I provide a variety of freelance solutions and services to clients in Savannah Georgia and across the United States. Working with small business owners is a passion, and I love to help businesses grow through implementing world-class web design and digital marketing strategies. If your business can use some help growing, contact me to learn how I can help. Whether it’s tweaking your existing website with a new content strategy, optimizing the content you already have, or a new web design with a killer SEO implementation, I would love to help you grow. You can contact me here.

How Can I Help?

As an independent Savannah web design consultant, I have a lot of flexibility when it comes to how I work and who I work with. I enjoy working with small businesses to help them find growth opportunities. I also like working with agency partners as a white-label consultant on their projects to supplement or lead a team that is already in place. Given this flexibility, please contact me if there is another way you believe I can help you.

Small Business

I help small businesses that want to grow by attracting new customers or new businesses just getting started that need a great website to hit the ground running. My solutions are sensible and provide return on investment by making sure the website is found and converting visitors into customers.


I work with marketing agencies seamlessly as a design or development consultant to lead or supplement their team on client projects. Many marketing agencies want to focus on programs and need additional help with web development and deployment. I can help you in this capacity.

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About Skip

A veteran technology consultant with over 30 years of experience, I am also a managing partner of a design agency (Delegal Digital) with a mission of helping churches and nonprofit organizations, exclusively. 

I have worked as a technology consultant with some of the world’s largest brands including Disney, Comcast, AOL, VMware, Polycom, IBM, Mapquest, and many others. I am passionate when it comes to web design and Google search and will apply that passion to your project. 

My faith and family are the most important things to me. Being a business owner and freelance web designer in Savannah gives me the opportunity to help small businesses become successful and still offers flexibility in my schedule to spend time with family.

Design Process

I follow a specific process for all Savannah web design projects. Using a proven formula ensures a predictable outcome, avoids cost overrun, and ultimately leads to the best possible result for clients. Here are the steps I implement.

1. Discovery

Once we've had the opportunity to connect, I will ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire to help identify your needs. Using this information, I will follow up with any additional questions and present a roadmap.

4. Test & Tune

Before releasing the site officially, I will test all of the technical features and functionality across all devices and browsers for compatibility to identify any issues. Final revisions and tuning will be completed prior to launch. 

2. Design

Using the information gathered during the discovery phase, I will begin the actual layout and design of your website. I will take inspiration from your brand as well as any collateral you provide for the website.         

5. Launch

I will launch the site and make it publicly available, monitoring the site closely over the next few days and weeks to make sure it is operating correctly and no bugs have crept in. I will also suggest an ongoing maintenance plan.

3. Development

After reviewing the design with you and making any required revisions, I will begin developing your website. This includes the creation of all pages, menus, posts, and applying custom HTML, CSS, and JS. 

6. Ongoing Support

Through an aftercare plan, I will support and maintain your site as well as provide ongoing SEO and content optimization to make sure you are getting an increasing number of visitors to your site. I can also act as liaison to your host provider.

List of Services