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As an independent recruiting and talent acquisition consultant, I have worked with well over 30 companies on recruiting and talent acquisition strategy, talent assessment, organizational development, talent systems, and talent acquisition process improvement.

Recruiting Solutions & Services

I work as a white-label team member, freelance consultant or on a project basis for recruiting and talent acquisition efforts. I have worked with many clients on a temporary project during staffing growth, relocation, and staff augmentation when necessary. I have the ability to lead teams or fit as an individual contributor when necessary.

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About Skip

A veteran technology and talent acquisition consultant with over 30 years of business and leadership experience.

I have worked as a consultant with some of the world’s largest brands including Disney, Comcast, AOL, VMware, Polycom, IBM, Mapquest, and many others. I am passionate when it comes to recruiting, talent acquisition strategy, and business process, 

My faith and family are the most important things to me. Being a business owner and freelance consultant in Savannah gives me the opportunity to help businesses be successful while offering flexibility in my schedule to spend time with family.