facebookrecruitIf you talk to talent acquisition professionals about using Facebook as a platform for recruitment, you’ll get a diverse response – from, “it’s a great way to find a recruit new people” to “I would never mix my personal/Facebook life with my work/recruiting life.” There are numbers that would seem to suggest Facebook recruiting is smart, crafty, and a big salty can of Pringles with a beer. According to HireRabbit, the place we got the lovely infographic below, 48% of all job seekers (and 63% of those with a profile) did social media job hunting on Facebook in the past year. But, is the community in which you intermingle socially really a fishing hole of great candidates for your Ruby on Rails Engineer position? Don’t answer that, but in my case the answer is a clear no. I don’t have a success story to tell even closely related to Facebook recruiting. It’s easy to understand where large companies and brands receive value from having a Facebook presence. There may not be a better brand promotion vehicle on the planet. And, if you are promoting a brand, it would certainly make sense that you are also promoting jobs related to the brand. For instance, look at the AOL Jobs Page on Facebook. It’s current, relevant, and looks great. And, I happen to know that it works. But AOL has a bazillion followers on Facebook, unlike the 32 followers of Bob’s Staffing Company in Sioux City, IA. So, you get the picture – maybe it’s a choice made in relevant context. But I haven’t discerned value in promoting jobs out to the 360 people around the country I call my Facebook connections. Please let me know if you have a different viewpoint. And check out the infographic (again, from the great folks at HireRabbit). The numbers, if true in the proper context, certainly speak for paying more attention to Facebook recruiting.